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Console suggestions

I am looking to buy a gaming console.

Which one should I go for? xbox 360 or the ps3.

I am not a hardcore gamer, but I do play for about 2 hours a day on weekdays and 4-5 hrs a day on weekends.

I won't be buying game titles in bulk. I always complete a game before buying another.

I won't be using the console for other things like movies, photos, downloads etc.

Online play is an option but I wouldn't stress on that.

Motion gaming is also an option, given the huge list of games in the near future.

I wont be playing FPS games because, frankly, I can't play them with the controllers.
I'll be playing sports and other adventure games.
I do have a mediocre laptop for FPS games.

If you suggest xbox, which one should I go for??
The 4GB one or the 250GB one.
I am willing to buy the 250GB one, but since the MS 320GB media HD is available, I think that 4GB + the media HD is an option as it gives me 74GB more for only 20$ more.

If its PS3, which one should I go for?.......160GB or 320GB
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  1. With everything you said above its an easy choice. PS3.

    I am a Xbox guy but have both and everything you said you wanted points to PS3.

    The size is going to depend on you. I rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. So go with 320GB
  2. Yeah.....seems like a good choice. Thank You

    I feel that the xbox 360 controller is better and more comfortable than the ps3 one.
    What's you opinion?

    And looking at E3 2012 trailers and demos, don't you think that kinect is the way to go?
    For example, FIFA 13 and Madden NFL.
    They have voice support for the kinect and I don't know if that is the case with the ps move.
  3. And what about the expansion packs.
    I'll be downloading them if it's a great game(like Skyrim).
    And can I use them if I download them on my laptop?
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    I have a kinect and it limited in what it can do. Then next gen of them will be amazing but that is a ways off. You can still download updates for games if you have a ps3 and if your doing mostly off line ps3's online is free as where you have to pay for xboxs.

    Yes i like the xbox controller more but i am a bigger guy so my hands don't fit on the ps3 controller quite right.

    I'm telling you if you want to get a console everything you descried tells me you want a ps3. Like i said the size is up to you.
  5. Is there much point now that the new consoles are coming out soon? I would wait for the Wii U which will be out later this year.
  6. Yeah, that is a point to be considered.......

    But, I have always disliked the nintendo consoles, mainly because of their crappy hardware, reliability and service.
    One of my cousins had a Wii and a DS
    He spent about 100 bucks on repairs.

    So, with Wii U out of question, do you suggest that I buy the PS3 now or wait for the PS4 or Xbox 720?

    And which console has the best in the following genre of games?

    Please do reply individually......
    For eg.
    Sports- Xbox/ps.......

    So, based on your post, can I conclude that ps move is better than kinect??
  7. PS move is NOT better than kinect. The ps move is much more like a wii as it still requires a controller.

    Most of my game play focus on FPS, but I do play some sports games.

    Sports is a 50/50 split
    Racing/Action/Adventure - All ps3

    Do not wait to get a new console. They won't be out for quite sometime and the first generations always suck. And are stupidly expensive.
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