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I am trying to get into making Youtube videos, I already have fraps, but i have yet to get a video editing software (I've been going trial to trial) So far I've used Vegas Movie studio HD Platinum 11.0 and Vegas Movie Studio HD 11.0. The "platinum" version works fine, but is about 100$, which I can't really afford, while just the regular version is only 45$ but seems to have a lot of bugs/glitches, so my question is, What editing software do you recommend? Also, is DXtory and better that FRAPS? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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  1. well Windows Live Movie Maker is free

    should be fine for youtube videos and casual users
  2. IT's OKAY but I'm looking to make GOOD videos, and to be frank WLMM is kinda of awful.
  3. problem is any of the best programs will cost

    power director 10 is meant to be good--but again its about the $100 mark
  4. VideoPad is basically a more advanced Windows Movie Maker. (Not live)

    I used to use it, its pretty good.
  5. I saw it around $50 is that just a ripoff or do you think it's realistic to find it at that price?
  6. sony vegas is supposed to be good
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