Putting fan on MX400's heatsink - it fell off !?!

While trying to attach fan on MX400's heatsink - the heatsink separated from Nvidia chip - what is used to hold that ? I have Artic Silver heatsink adhesive - but that is not a glue - is it ? If I use superglue - will that transport heat properly ?

To make matters worse my system is a midi tower wehre AGP card being in tower is upside down - so heatsink (with fan now) hang upside down ....Rubber bands ??!?!

Thanks !
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  1. Arctic Silver adhesive is an adhesive, and is strong. You can use it. For added protection, consider 1-2 rubberbands, so that if heatsink falls, it won't damage anything.

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  2. are there holes in the pc board near the chip?
    if there is, then you can use the push clips that come with coolers like the blue orb and such...
    also, there are two versions of arctic silver, one is an adhesive, and one is a thermal interface material, which will not hold the heatsink to the card..
    i would suggest that you make sure which one you are buying..
    but if you really wanted to make sure that the heatsink wouldnt come off, you could use a very thing layer of jb-weld...
    there are posts in here where people have had good experiences with it..
    just make sure that is just thick enough to hold it, if it is thick enough to have air bubbles in it, then it will act like a blanket for the heat...ruining the chip..
    superglue can work for holding heatsinks, but will not be as good as something made for attatching heatsinks..
    i would strongly suggest the arctic silver tho, because that has quite a reputation..
    in any case, make sure that there is just enough to hold the heatsink. this is one of those cases in which too much is not a good thing.
    be careful, and dont get any on the pcb...
    good luck!


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  3. btw, how did it fall off in the first place?
    where you upgrading the heatsink so that you can do some overclocking?
    or were you just seeing what the chip looked like?
    just a question...


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  4. Its a rather large heatsink - that I was trying to put a fan on bu pressing it firmly down to Clip on it - it worked - but second tme arround I was doing that heatsink came off ...

    anyways, just bouht much smaller round copper heatsink with fan inside - artic silver and .... drumroll ... two rubber bands are holding it !
  5. Arctic Silver Thermal Epoxy keeps a bond like no one's buisness. As long as you don't immerse your vid card in water, use the AS Epoxy correctly and you will have a PERMANANT bond- no rubber bands required.

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  6. Providing the stuff you have IS the epoxy- thois isnt the same as what you use on cpu's, I dont mean to imply that you dont know the difference, but you;d be AMAZED by some of the things I have seen people do

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  7. damn you ppl, i cant get all these good cooling parts in israel, plus all those new water cooling sweet parts, just the shipping doubles the price..

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