GTA IV absolutely unplayable on a very expensive PC.

Right, I know I'm probably the 8.343x10^5-th person to post this, but GTA IV is unplayable on my PC. I simply can't understand why it is so bad. My specs are:

Intel i5 2500K @4.6Ghz
AMD Radeon 7970
8GB 1333mhz RAM

The rest are irrelevant in gaming, I would imagine. In any case, this is a very fast PC, but GTA IV runs at about, oh, 8fps. With constant stuttering. On 800x600 on the lowest settings possible. What?
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    Did you patch the game?

    I played the game last year on my rig below without any problems. I forgot which version it was patched up to though.
  2. Try playing at stock speeds and see if it improves. You may have issues due to lack of PSU power or unstable clocks.
  3. U need to install patch or which will give u advanced Graphics setting in the option..u can tweak that to make d game playable.. v 1.0 reders the whole map which is quite big causing unplayable gameplay. Install patches.. It will help a lot..
  4. The first version is so buggy thats the problem.I'm using the version and it doesn't contains much bugs except for some little mission bugs
  5. Patches you say? By god I'm an idiot.
  6. Also listing full system specs is helpful as your psu.
  7. +1 for wt sunnyhj said, your rig can also run the game with enhanced graphics mods with no problem, like iCEnhancer that mod recommends patch for the best graphical results.

    happy gaming
  8. I'd also recommend cranking up the resolution
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