How can i PLAY games with a KEYB/Mou. on iPOD TOUCH?

It's as bizarre as it sounds... I have sooo many games on my iPod touch (4th generation) and well, the controls obviously suck xD

I wanted to know if it is possible to play with a keyboard and mouse on my iPod, not use my ipod as a kb/m... just as bizarre as it sounds, I know modern day technology is definitely capable of it. So, yea. Lets see whatcha got!

I realize obviously, if it is possible, I will buy the materials AND i must keep in mind that stupid Apple has a custom data/power input (NO micro/mini USB)
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  1. I have this problem too. I didn't think of using a mouse/keyboard for a 4 inch screen though. :P I know there is a keyboard dock for ipad that might work with ipod touch. You can look for a bluetooth mouse. My sister did this but with her ipad and she uses it as a portable computer.
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