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many questions come to mind.
Since they've already got so many games out with massive content. Will we likely be able to expect it to be the largest amount of content released in an mmo at a single time?
I also have begun to wonder if we'll be capable of buying a house. That would make me Love this mmo.
What rating would it have?
What would it's initial api limitations be?
will we be able to control the many things we could in other games?
my favorite thing about the offline games was the armors you could get.
I really hope there's a similar way for this in the mmo.

in my opinion. If they do release content relative to all their released ES games and the proportions are done right the amount of initial content could very well make it the best mmo available.

But, i come down to many other questions. Something I feel has been lacking in most mmos. Graphics.
I played Tera despite it's lack in content it had the best graphics the engine it used was amazing. I really hope the ES mmo releases with a similar engine. not the same old engine in wow and rift etc etc...
as far as graphics go. With the size of content what can we really expect. I mean even the offline games graphics where lacking a lot until players got on to improving them. and when i say graphics i don't mean trees and things. I mean if my character's details and features where very high res I think i'd be happy. It seems to me in every other mmo out there the character detail is lacking sooo much. I mean things look nice from a distance but up close more often then not you'll see how under detailed it looks.
Then raises other questions. This is my opnion soly from playing skyrim.
What can we truly expect from this. this game was released with a massive amount of bugs that made it unplayable at first. they took forever to fix any of the bugs. With how their latest game was released. Can we really even have any high expectations for this mmo?
so many questions. I personally want to find a "different" mmo. one that doesn't just feed the same thing over and over. One with some realistic balance. One mmo with devs and such that actually play the game and spend even their free time seeing possibly improvements. *sigh but a dream for a company to be like blizzard back during BC days. where the game was fun.
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  1. Its graphics will be oblivion graphics from thepreviews ive sseen. The game is in the 2nd era so you may be able to see tiber septim! (and the awesome robot from daggerfall)
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