Best way to stream games?

I really want to start a channel.. but I really don't know where to start! I figured this would be the best place to ask :)

I've tried to do it on ustream before.. and I used the software they provided.. but it seriously cut my performance in half.

I'm thinking about twitch.. but what's teh best software I can use? Ya know, so the game remains playable? :P

my hardware

GTX 570 @850mhz
8GB Ram

any advice would be awesome! :))
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  1. you have a good rig for livestreaming and recording, wt gpu do u have? and you got win7x64?

    Livestream is the best game streaming, they got a tool for it, so many options for live streaming pleasure,

    another tool is Xfire uses Livestream tech and detects your games and chat while in game.
  2. you said I just had a good rig for streaming :P

    GPU = Nvidia GTX 570

    CPU = intel i5 2500k @ 4.5ghz

    RAM = 8gb ddr4

    W7 64bit
  3. oh lol sorry, didnt notice that you have listed the gpu, and yes not just good its very good to run streaming, another thing, can you post your download / upload speed of your internet connection? the live streaming needs at least 1mb of upload speed
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