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I'm looking to find some more people to play League of Legends with, it's Free to Play (not a cheap/crappy game with ads though, and it doesn't steal info like Facebook/Zynga games). It's a full fledged pvp battle arena with simple controls and concepts, but plenty of skills to learn over time.

You pick a Champion that has varying abilities, some are good at melee, some at ranged, some good at slowing/Crowd controling, others good at tanking lots of damage, etc. You play on a team either 3v3 or 5v5. The idea is to fight across the map, while the enemies are dead you try to infiltrate their base to kill their Nexus. 3v3 games take 15-40min, 5v5 games take 20-50min to play. There's a lot of external fun aspects to it, like unlocking things as well, but generally the entire play field is even matched, so don't feel that starting new puts you up against people that have big advantages.

It's very competitive and so much fun, especially after you get your first game or two under your belt.

The best part of this game, is finding people to play with, so that you can communicate better and synergize well with, and in general have a more fun time because you don't get made if someone isn't doing well. That's the purpose of this post... to find new people to get some games together, and I'm even willing to have in game matches to help you learn the game against the computer/AI before we battle other people.

Again so much fun...
Here's a signup link to League of Legends if you don't already have an account:
League of Legends Signup Link

If you already do have an account, my in-game name is: SEMx12 (send me a friend request).
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  1. Also, the game can be played on some of the weakest machines. I play on a laptop that doesn't have a dedicated graphics card. The play style/controls and isometric view is similar to that of Starcraft/Warcraft 3.
  2. Try playing hon or dota2. It takes a lot more skill.
  3. Im sorry to be rude... But this is old news ....

    This game is one of the best games nowday, and everyone knows about it

    I think you'r late this time ;P
  4. Thanks Leo. Unfortunately, it's only partly true. Yes I've heard of the game, but never even looked into what it was until only a couple months ago, and it's been a great revelation for me. Also, no one I knew played it, but now I'm just turning them onto it. So yes, there are people out there that don't realize what they are missing out on, and I'm trying to get more blood into the game, and build up a group of people that aren't super experienced...

    In all seriousness, that's what this is about. People that have been playing for a year are TOO experienced and not willing to play with newer people, and those experienced people are also very rude and unforgiving, and unwilling to help. I'd like to band together some newer players to play together and learn together... it'll make for a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.

    So keep on posting and messaging me if you want to play this game. It'll be worth your time, and it's free.
  5. LoL is public enough at this point that if someone isn't playing it, there is usually a specific reason. Either they're not a fan of the gameplay that is somewhat streamlined from standard RTS play, or they're put off by the self-aggrandizing and vitriol community.

    Not to point out another unfortunate reality about LoL, but it is hardly free if you intend to play it seriously. Their standard template is to design and release a new hero and ensure that it is at least buff if not borderline OP while it's being obtained from the cash shop, and then to nerf it as soon as it is commonly acquired with the in game currency and restart step 1 with a new hero. It's a fairly shallow way to put a carrot on a stick in front of a gamer's wallet, and that isn't an issue as long as the players are fully aware of what is going on and just don't mind participating in the practice itself.
  6. Casual, the game is entirely free except for "skins". You buy champions with points that you earn from playing, and generally I have more points than I know what to do with. I personally have spent a few dollars on a skin, because I play so much that I wanted a different look to my favorite champion. I did this because I felt like supporting a game that to me has been well worth more than a purchased game, but instead it was free. My other friends haven't spent one penny, and have the same amount of content unlocked as everyone else in the game.

    But yes, you are right, they do make money off the game, because it's a service and people do pay for skins to look cool. However, this is nothing like other free games out there that survive on data collection, ads, spam, and buying items with real money to give benefits. This is a competitive game with an even playing field for ALL people, money or no-money.
  7. Should be said that if you're not fond of casual, hold-your-hand, dumbed-down gameplay designed to punish inexperienced and unskilled players as little as possible, you should instead look to HoN or DOTA2
  8. insemnia said:
    Casual, the game is entirely free except for "skins". You buy champions with points that you earn from playing.

    It's like you have never even played the game, and then didn't read my post either.

    There's a good chance this is going to be an earth-shattering revelation for you, but for people who actually do acquire every champ to stay competitive with the ebb and flow of the buff/nerf system, they usually come down to buying RP and using that for immediate unlocks of new champions. Since you aren't in that position and since as you've said you just started the game, I doubt you really know what "having more IP than you know what to do with" is yet.
  9. Derenoc said:
    Should be said that if you're not fond of casual, hold-your-hand, dumbed-down gameplay designed to punish inexperienced and unskilled players as little as possible, you should instead look to HoN or DOTA2

    To be fair, if someone was looking for all of that they would play an RTS instead of a dumbed-down, hold-your-hand derivative of the original genre anyway.
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