Can I play witcher 2 on high with these fps?

I heard I can get 25 fps which is kinda-ok depending on the game. I also heard I can get 40 fps at medium settings. I watched a comparison on youtube and there is a bit of difference (face, armor) but that is a side by side comparison. Are the fps numbers true? My specs are in my signature.
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    That's a fairly broad question, so there really isn't a yes or no answer. Firstly, frame rate generally flucuates so even if you can achieve 40 frames you might average at 31-35 depending on what is going on in game. Also i personally think of 25 frames a second as not so good, as once it goes below 30, that is where games practicly turn into a slideshow and the game becomes unplayable.

    Also you watched a side by side comparion with what?, was the system you watched on youtube the same as yours or a different system?

    I'm not sure how demanding The Witcher 2 is, though your laptop should probably handle it decently in areas where not a whole lot of activity is going on, as it's pretty beefy for a laptop.
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