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GTX 680 For Next Generation gaming ?!

I wanna ask a simple question about my new pc configuration combination

is this enough for the next generation gaming (4th generation- correct me if i'm wrong) use these combinations together for high performance ?

CPU : Intel I7 3770k
GPU : Nvidia GTX 680
M.B. : AsRock H77 MVP/PRO
Ram : 16 GB Ram
Psu : Thermaltake 850 W
HDD : 500 GB

For HD resolution gaming, per example upcoming games like watch dogs, gta v, assassin's creed 3, crysis 3, metal gear rising...ect

should i be able to max them out ?

thx alot for your attention :)

best regards
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  1. You should be able to max them out. The only things you may need for the next generation is a bigger hard drive (if you are downloading lots of games) because the size of games keeps getting bigger and bigger. Your graphics card is great and can do even the most demanding games of today at max settings (look at witcher 2 or metro 2033 for example). The only time you may not be able to play a game of the next generation at maximum settings if it is extremely demanding (these games probally won't come out untill the end of the next generation anyways). Hopefully GTA 5 won't be a horrible port and will be playable at max without having a $3500 dollar computer.
  2. Let me get into my time machine to let you know.

    It's a top of the line machine today, eventually it'll be average, then below average. You can game with average machines, but not at max settings. How long it takes to go through those stages is anyone guess. You can look at the past to see examples of how fast the industry moves and make an educated guess if you like.
  3. i'm not asking about how it's going to get old..i'm asking could it render games for the next generation that we know already how much complexity and programming used in it's implementation..the games that already their developers have shown us some pictures and videos around the web or in E3 per example..that's all

    and of course i know it's going to get old, at least 2 years and i should change it..if i'm insist to think about pc gaming
  4. All those games were designed to run on current gen consoles, so your GTX680 will chown them handily.
  5. Your system is quite similar to mine (except I have a 2700k). The GTX 680 is a fabulous card. Actually far better than the numbers appear to suggest. I do not understand why, but 45 FPS on the 680 appears butter smooth while on other cards it seems juddery and jerky. (My previous one was 560Ti SLI, which delivered great benchmarks, but never seemed to deliver a consistent, stutter free experience).

    There are several reasons why your system is good for the next generation and probably the next one after that. Look at the GTX580 today. Last generation's performance leader. Would anyone write a game that would seriously challenge a 580? Of course not, it would be commercial suicide.

    Secondly, games are developed mostly for the console market. PCs have twice the pixels to push but the best ones far more than twice the GPU power. This means the PC versions can have more eye candy and considerably superior graphics while still delivering far better performance. Reports on the next generation of consoles, suggest they will have very underwhelming GPU power.

    Obviously games will get more complex as time goes on and will start to challenge your 680 more and more. But there's so much headroom in it today, that it will be a while before anything comes out that the 680 really cannot handle at max (and 1080p res).

    But if you start to get dissatisfied with your GPU performance you can always add another 680. By then, the 680 will probably have been superseded at least twice if not 3 times and a second card will be very cheap on ebay.

    My one comment on your system is the HDD configuration. If you can afford it, I would recommend getting an SSD. There is no component that you can put in your computer that will have as great an impact on the overall experience and usability. And a 1TB HDD as a second drive is strongly to be recommended.
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    way more than enough. the next gen consoles will likely retail for around $400 so they will cost about $600 to build which puts the hardware for the next gen consoles at around a 3.2ghz quad. 2gigs of ram and a 6770 for 1080p 30fps gfx. they dont need as much ram because they will likely have blueray and minimal windows 8 compatibility without having windows in a full version this way they can be fully backwards compatable to the current xbox library. ps4 may be slightly different on the cpu side but gfx wise will likely be similar. so if you have a system that matches them specs you should be safe for 2-3 years b4 you run into minimum requirements for cross platform gaming.
    pc gaming will likely be a little more demanding and there will always be titles like witcher2 and crysis 2 that push the curve, but still will only ever need a quad core to max em out on the cpu side. winter this year should see a gfx explosion as the 770 kepler cards arrive and the amd 8series which are likely to be x2 the grunt of a current gtx 570 at the upper end. the 670 and 680 are place holder cards that wernt gonna be released, but because of low yields on the 7 series nvidia cards they pushed out the 6 series. at least thats what i read ... all the above is speculation but its based on educated guessing and some leaked info.

    anyways if you have a quad i5 3.0 quad or better and a 560/5850 or better you have no worries for next gen gaming.
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