Which Xbox 360 controllers work on Windows 7?

Shortly after finishing my first real gaming PC I've learned about the realities of bad console ports. After trying to play Dead Space 1 on my new rig and running into that infuriating cursor lag, I've decided to get myself a 360 controller. The problem is that I'm not sure which ones will work with my PC. I know they have wired and wireless, in addition to have the first model, and the new model with the transforming d-pad. Ideally I would like the newer one with the fancy d-pad, that's also wireless, and that can work with my PC. I've found information online, but very little about Windows 7 compatibility.

This looks perfect, but it doesn't say "Xbox Only" or "Windows 7 compatible" anywhere... so I want to make sure before I buy.

This one on the other hand seems like a safer bet, it actually says Windows in the title. But it uses the old d-pad (and I think I prefer the white color):
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  1. www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mj0pzYowD7E
    This video helped me.
  2. That's... interesting, but he shows an example using the old style d-pad (of which fully Windows compatible versions do exist now), and he says right off the bat that this will not work with wireless controllers.

    Still, it gives me hope that there may be a patch or something out there...
  3. That exact solution may not work with wireless but look in the description. There are adapters
    for wireless. Also it supports up to 4 controllers but only uses 1 usb port.
  4. any 360 pad will work on pc. wireless needs a wireless adapter which will cost $10-$30 depending on which you get. the wired 1 will just plug in, load the drivers and work. dont be fooled by the 360 pc gamepad. its no different to the normal 360 pad it just costs 10-20 more because it has a sticker which says pc compatible. just buy a basic wired 360 controler. it has about 2-2.5 meter cable 6-8 feet. like i say just plug it in, if your connected to the net and use win 7 then the driver will automatically install and the pad will work straight away...
    if you use a ps3 type you will have issues with GFWL titles as they are infested with protectionism routines that will cause ps3 type controllers to reverse there controls. you will have to get the xinput.dll patch to fix this...
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