My Computer won't let me type sometimes Help please.

Hello everyone, My computer is being weird and when i'm playing a game it does this thing where it does not allow me to type and if i click esc or enter it minimizes my game or window modes it and when i get out of the game i can't type at all in anything, and if i click a browser it just opens it like you would if you right clicked it and clicked properties, so how i solve this at the moment is i either Log off and log on that fixes it all the time, or i just restart my computer.

Now i have anti virus and its bit defender total security 2012, i scan very regularly but today i seen that i had 4 infected but they weren't your everyday trojan they were Cookies? could these things be the cause of it??

i also have my computer windows updates up to date fully,

and all drivers are up to date,

and it only ever occurs when i play my game.

Please help me thank you.
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More about computer type please
  1. cookie show up in malware scans if there from tracking sites. its very unlikely they are the source of your problem as i dont know of any virus thats attached to a cookie. reason being a cookie is a data file not an executable. try running a scan with malwarebytes and see what you get. is it only when you play a game? if so check the event logs and see if the keyboard/usb driver has crashed.
  2. download and run

    dr webs cure it

    its a single download and no install

    run it and see if anything comes up.

    if its a new game its most likely that mate. ive had a couple games over the years that did that to my pc.

    what game is it?
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