Skyrim - 1 - 7FPS problem.. Not a poop PC

Hello, Im having a real headache right now. I have no problem running any other game, BF3, Crysis 2, Shogun 2 ect. I just got skyrim, and even on the lowest possible settings and resoltuion, im only getting 2 - 7 fps..
I have a Phenom ii X4 Deneb Black Edition Quad Core 3.2 GHz, Geforce GTX 550ti, 8 Gigs of Ram. Updated drivers, game updated all the way. Hell my cpu is only running at 20% while playing it.
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  1. Nevermind, a quick restart fixed it... my display drivers crashed
  2. That is always good to hear that your problem is solved. So just wondering I play Shogun 2 as well and I have two GTX 550 Ti's in SLI. I was wondering what settings you play at in Shogun 2?

    The reason I asked the question is I put together this rig a year ago and money got low so had to take a short cuts and bought two 550's. I wish I knew at the time about this site.

    Plus about how nVidia put out one of the worst gaming card ever which is the 550's. So once a month I get a joker who has something to say about how I have a good start and a bad finnish about my rig.

    They have even said that I won't be able to play Shogun 2 because it will eat the cards alive. So when I tell other people not the same people who is trying to put me down. Like I am telling you the story.

    And I will probably will draw another so called better than thou. Anyway I play Shogun on ultra settings and everything clicked down below on and the AA turned all the way up and the other at highest settings.

    I get 3o fps in campain map and I get 60 or better in battle maps. So I was just curious what your settings are? Sorry for the long story but it never fails. Well glad your problems is fixed and I do wish you good luck.
  3. Well I play on a 32 inch HDTV, Its not a bad card, good for budget gaming, Skyrim is running at 1980 x 1020, everything maxed except Anti and i'm getting 40 - 60fps.

    Shogun 2, like most total war games are very cpu demanding. I play shogun 2 at 1680x1050, Units - High, Everything else max, Anti Aliasing - Off

    I get about 40 fps. depends on the battle size.
  4. Hey thanks for the feed back and that is pretty good for Skyrim. And what I said about Shogun 2 is what I thought your one card will do. If you don't care I would like to refer to this thread?

    When people try to say that I am not telling the truth when I play my games. with these two cards. Again thanks for reposting to my questions.
  5. Yea that's fine, and no problem
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