Need Help Choosing a Keyboard

I'm looking for a mechanical keyboard; click-sound not desired.
As far as blue, brown, and black switches, I think I'd prefer blue, but I have no idea. The only gaming keyboard I've had in the past was a Steel Series Mech keyboard for WoW.
I will not play any FPS games with this keyboard.
Audio and USB ports not required.
Back-lighting required.
If anyone knows where I can find in-depth stats/reviews on top-rated keyboards I'd appreciate that too, and just do the work myself.
Thank you!
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    Try th corsair vengeance k90. I got it and its been working great for me. It has cherry mx red which is similar to cherry mx black. It has media controls, a barrel volume control, and 18 macros. It is backlit blue and the backlighting comes in 3 intensities. However, the macro keys, the function keys, the escape key, and the home/end/pageup/pagedown are not mechanical. The k60, while cheaper, has no backlighting, macros, and the wrist rest is only near the wasd keys and is more for fps.
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  3. prefer the coolermaster or the qpad mechanicals myself.
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