Latency issues with diablo 3, help!

Okay so heres my problem, i just yesterday build my pc and have a sapphire radeon hd 6950 dirt 3 edition gpu, so thats not the problem, i have a solid 60 fps when playing d3 but the latency is killing me, its usually 200-250 and its just a game mood killer for me. I live in ohio, does anyone know a fix to this because honestly my internet is solid and i just cant think of anything that would cause this other than blizzards end
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  1. Diablo 3 has been lagging a bit ever since the last patch the other week, was fine before that for me. Dunno any workaround :/
  2. Found the problem, if anyone lives in a apartment complex make sure your isp isnt upgrading their servers.. When they upgrade which isnt often they merge everyone connection so its basicslly shared and causes high ping
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