Help me identify this game!

What is the turn-based strategy PC game from the 90s with different alien races fighting over a planet?

(Windows, isometric view sci-fi strategy.)

I played this game in the late 90s and I cannot remember the name. The game play was to take over a planet that several different alien races would be fighting over. The planet had regions where you would build colonies for whichever alien race you chose to be. The regions or sections had squire grid plots to build your buildings on. No matter how big the region was, you could only build on that grid which was the same size in all regions.

You could build hangers, fill them with spacecraft with customised weapons in various weapon slots. You could fill missile silos and launch them at the enemy planets/moons/asteroids.

I seem to remember that one or more of the races had a technology building that you could have the aliens research and "invent" different technologies. These technologies helped with defenses, military artillery, farming, and other things. The Technologies being developed took a certain amount of turns to finish. When you wanted to attack, you would click and drag as many military units, missiles, rockets, air crafts, and/or other things as you liked to use or limited too from your region and release into the region you would like to attack on the next turn. Military items took a certain amount of turns to build too. When you ended the turn, The region being attacked would be shown with your military always attacking from the southeast or east of the section grid. So when you build defenses, you always new that all attacks were coming from the southeast no matter how the regions were in relation to each other. If I remember right, You had to sit back and watch the attack happen and you couldn't interact with where any of the units attacked or went. if you sent missiles, again if I remember right, they would come flying in from the east and usually target the defensive buildings first but that didn't always happen. What I remember about a story line, if there was any, is that these planets would be found by your race, but all of a sudden all these other alien races somehow found out about the planet and they all raced to start colonies and take over the planet for themselves. I would say that the game was a mix between Age of the Empires with the technology advances, and the board game risk with the turns, attacking regions before the next turn, and choosing the amount of fire power you wanted to use. Unlike risk, once you ended the turn on the PC game, every alien race fought their battles and made advances in technology along with you at the same time. I would love to find out what this game is if anyone can help me.
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  1. Maybe one of the masters of orion games,or One of the galactic civilizations series.sry i couldnt be more help
  2. Thanks but it isn't either of these.

    There is no scrolling or fog of war involved: your planet or moon colony would be viewed on a single screen.

    Your fleet (if not grounded in the hangars) would orbit the planet (or moon or asteroid), appearing and disappearing temporarily off the side of the screen.

    Wish I could just extract screenshots from my memory!
  3. Nah, although that was great game if I remember correctly.

    In this one, you set up an attack by ordering your fleet, rather than individual ships (no micromanagement, all macro), and had to sit back while an attack happened (or rather, frantically retaliate or make amends to your base during the attack(
  4. Is this it?

    I had been looking for this one for a while now, and finally found it tonight (thanks to google image search).
  5. orangeyoda said:
    Is this it?

    I had been looking for this one for a while now, and finally found it tonight (thanks to google image search).

    My man!! You are great. I can't wait to get my hands on this game again :D
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