Any programme to speed up old PC-GAMES ???

Hi everyone,

I have modern gaming computer with gtx 690 and the game that was released in 1998.
Is there any programme that can increase the speed of the game at least 4 times up? The same like you play playstation emulator, where you toggle off the FPS limit and the speed is raised as much as your computer can handle.

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  1. try slowing DOWN your compute. Helped me with tes: arena
  2. I havn't herd of any but that doesn't mean there might be one the exist. The only thing I can suggest is gamebooster or Gboost. I think gamebooster charges now and Gboost doesn't.

    I will link you to both. It might help or not. I did a lot of reserch on how to speed up your game and what I found out is the PC has to do with how fast your game goes plus getting into your game settings.

    So I tried and didn't succeed. But here are the two links. Good luck to you. Oh by the way nice very expensive GPU. I can only dream about a card like that one. I am happy for you.
  3. Yeah I cannot even find a 690
  4. Thanks guys,

    I'll try the programmes, but I think the maximum possible speed would be 20% up, no more. It would be nice like in emulators to speed 3-4 times up. There are many nice old RPG games that I would like to play and replay, but there are many slow things, such as tedious dialogues, battles, runing from one location to the other, leveling up etc. and the game become boring. Just want to enjoy the game, that is it.
  5. No it's not working. I think we need to wait for an emulator of old games, like DOS games emulator, there you can normally adjust the speed.

    Thanks anyway.
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    Or you could find an old OS like win 98 or older and down load it on to a hard drive and play the games like that. They have a dos thing I have herd about it and It is suppose to allow you to play the older games.

    But not sure and don't have that much info on it. I will try and find it for you and if I do I will let you know.

    EDIT: Here are a few dos things I found.
  7. DM 186 thanks for info,

    I checked all the links, downloaded the DOSBOX and when in the menu click install from CD, it says that DOS does not support this programme.

    So we will wait for a new emulator to come that can emulate 1995-2000 games.
  8. Well I am sorry it didn't work but I tried and I was hoping it would work. Your welcome and good luck to you.
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  10. If the game doesn't work on DOSBox, your only real options left are:
    1. Track down a copy of Windows 98 and put it on a Virtual Machine, and try to run your games out of that. Windows 98 is not compatible with modern hardware, so don't bother even trying to do a dual boot setup.

    2. Start tracking down old parts and build a legacy box that Windows 98 can support. That would mean a system with SDRAM (1GB or less) and an old AGP video card. Probably a Pentium 3 or early Pentium 4 CPU.
  11. I like #2, I still have a machine sitting in my attic with an AGP mobo, just in case I feel nostalgic at some point :)
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