Gmod failed to load launcher dll

i start up my gmod and it come up with this error (Launcher Error Failed to load the Launcher DLL:The specified procedure could not be found.)

i couldent find out how to upload the pic hope you guys know what im talking :)
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  1. DOn't worry, you're ot alone, i'm gettin the same trouble.
    And steam stats let me think we're not alone neither, only 600 gmod player now.... it's far less than usual
  2. seems like when steam updated the engine they broke something. its just a waiting game by the looks of it... at least thats whats on the steam forums.
  3. the same to me
  4. When they fix it?
  5. I am having the same problem, they are working on fixing it, see
  6. everyone else isn't alone a whole bunch of other peaple have the same problem :(
  7. im have the same problem we all have to whait
  8. :O
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