How will My new build do with new games (crysis 2, bf3, future soldier

basically wondering how my new build will do with newer games. Like Battlefield 3 , Diablo 3, Black ops 2 , all the new games )
My specs
Amd A8 Llano Quad core processor APU
4gb Ram
Radeon hd 6670 hybrid- crossfired with the A8's integrated 6550
500gb HD
Windows 7 home premium
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  1. on a 20 inch monitor widescreen
  2. You could definitely play all those games but at the lowest settings to get over 40fps. you need a better gpu. maybe a 7770 or 7790.
  3. You can't Crossfire out of the same hundred series. And that build will probably net you medium settings at 1080p, AA off.
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