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Can someone suggest me some good ps3 online multiplayer games
I already have modern warfare 3 and I have two options in mind uncharted 3 and ghost recon future soldier
can someone tell me which one is better as online game or suggest me a another one.
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  1. what about bf3?
  2. cod and bf3 are same
    can u suggest any other
    i am confused between uncharted and ghost recon
  3. or even assassins creed revelations
  4. army of two
  5. I have played army of two
    now please just tell me whose multiplayer is better
    uncharted 3 or assassins creed revelations or ghost recon future soldier
  6. battle field bad company 2
  7. uncharted or assassins creed or ghost recon
    whose multiplayer is better
  8. i would say ghost recon
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