Can this rig run arma 2 on high-very high

i3 2120

Saphire radeon Hd 6870

8 gb G-skill RAM DDR3 1600

OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W Modular High Performance Power Supply

I asked before with a better CPU and a lower end GPU but i thought this build would be the better approach to my needs,could use some pointers/advice if this is better than the i5 2400 with an HD 7770
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  1. Its a very demanding game but it should be OK at low resolution you may need to drop settings to avoid a few lags.
  2. arma 2 will run at high settings. on that card and give you 35 fps minimum. its a very cpu bound game and needs a quad to run smoothly a dual core is recommended minimum but it will lag on larger maps. the benches i gave yesterday are accurate m8 so it wont really matter what you build.. you wont get any more by swapping out the cpu for a weaker 1.
  3. Stop spamming Bryce
  4. im not trying to spam i just want to be able to run one of my beloved games to its greatest potential to the best of my budget ;)
  5. Oops i should have been posting in Systems:New build,my apologies i am new to the forum:D
  6. guerrero, with that avatar, i just read everything you type in a hurr durr voice.
  7. Hi :)

    Easy answer ....NO...

    All the best Brett :)
  8. jimmy_dog said:
    guerrero, with that avatar, i just read everything you type in a hurr durr voice.

    That is %100 correct
  9. darnit,well can you give me any advice on what i would need to play it on high or medium with some stuff on high,i really dont need more than 30FPS,im using a laptop right now with everything turned on very low and i get about 15-20 FPS:(
  10. a 2500k for starters.
  11. I would get the Phenom 965 because its a quad core and multiplayer (i know your going to play dayz lol) needs more then 2 cores
  12. is what ive heard
  13. ya i was thinking that but i wanted the i3 2120 so i would have a better upgrade path but would an FX 4170 be better,i know the phenoms are being phased out soon so im not sure if that would be a good idea or not
  14. Your just saying the FX 4170 because of the clock speed.... Phenoms are what are recommended for ArmA
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    I am running on a 6870 with an I5 3570K and I run it on 60 fps constantly.. you would definitely need a quad-core CPU as Arma II is a very CPU-dependent Game. If you are on a budget I would recommend a phenom II 965 BE but if you have some extra cash I would go with an i5 2500K. The I5 2500K is on sale at Microcenter for $169.99 at the moment.
  16. alright i will see what i can do, i have to buy everything monitor, keyboard OS,ect. i will probably have to use a 965 but i am concerned about future upgrade ability :??:
  17. Am3+ motherboard......
  18. Like i recommended earlier, go for a 2500k. Arma 2 is heavily CPU dependent, you can't scrimp on the CPU. Sandy bridge (1155) has the better upgrade path (Ivy bridge).

    Do not get a bulldozer CPU (FX) they are crap for gaming. A phenom II 965 BE will be OK, but it will be no more than OK, i.e. not ideal. A 2500k will be MUCH better.
  19. Don't even look at the FX's get a X4 965 atleast and a am3+ motherboard
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