Battlefield 3 on high?

I want to know if I can run BF3 on high, if not what do I need to run it on high?

OS:Windows 7 64bit
CPU AMD phenom ii x2 560
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6670 1 gb
ram: 3gb ddr2

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  1. you need at least a quad core CPU and a vastly better GPU
  2. Would a 6870 work?
  3. what resolution?
  4. and more memory.
  5. mercer95 said:
    what resolution?

  6. Perhaps medium settings.
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    you should be able to play on high then, i played on medium with a 6670 gddr3 and an Athlon x4 645 at 720p, but i would recommend getting the bet card you can for your budget.
  8. When it first came out I ran BF3 on high with an hd6950. The below Toms Hardware article should help you some more. Bear in mind there have been several driver updates since then so some cards may perform a little better now.,3063.html
  9. Just looked at the article again and realised the 6670 isn't there. I would suggest a 6850 would be the minimuim though.
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