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Why in my bios do i get a cpu temp of 25C/27C and Core Temp 0.99.7 gives a 45C/49C
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  1. Temperature programs can be wrong. My Everest tells me I run 10'c less than any other program tells me.

    I can only suggest using multiple programs such as Everest, RealTemp or Speccy.

    There are tones more out there but those are the only ones I can think of right now.
  2. I did notice on Core Temp 0.99.7, in options, you can adjust the offset to where it will match the Bios reading
  3. You could try another program like SpeedFan, HW Monitor or AMD OverDrive.
  4. With Many softwares such as real temp and core temp, there are settings which you'll have to adjust to suit ur CPU otherwise it'll appear wrong.

    For example in Realtemp, the tjmax, if you set it higher, it'll tell you ur temps as high, if you set it lower, it'll show ur temp being lower.

    Unfortunately You gotta do more research as to which settings you've gotta put for your CPU
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