Tyan's S2460 & Tbirds, Palaminos and Morgans

I have read sparingly informative posts elsewhere and am left with inconclusive ideas.

I want to go smp. I want to stay with AMD. I want to stay cheap. I intend to oc.

It appears that the early released XP chips that have yet to have their smp compatibility turned off work great with the Tyan Tiger motherboards and acceptably with the Thunder's. I plan to go tiger anyway. <font color=blue>Question 1</font color=blue> Has anyone had a problem with using the new XP's - I have only seen rumnors that problems are expected. I would hate to go buy a couple of XP1800's and have them not work.

The AYJHAR tbirds are overclocking incredibly well. I just assume use them if possible. I have read conflicting reports on using tbirds with the tiger. Some say they work, others are having problems. It appears most porblems are centered around using other incompatible hardware (ie Live sc). <font color=blue>Question 2</font color=blue> Is anyone using and/or oc'ing tbirds, especially AYJHAR's, with the tiger S2460 board? How far did oc'ing go? Did you use golden sockets to oc? What about modding the bridges?

I understand the Morgans to be pretty much a Palamino with reduced cache. They are running fairly cheap right now. I am reminded of the good old days of running dual 333 celeries at 550 super cheap. <font color=blue>Question 3</font color=blue> How badly does the lower cache affect performance in an SMP system with a lot of RAM. And, are there other significant differences between the new Morgan Durons and the Palamino's.

I am especially interested in responses from people with a tiger s2460 board, but anyone with knowledgeable responses are welcome. Thx in adv.

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  1. I did some research because I too wanted to buy regular XPs or morgans and overclock in a dual Tyan setup. From what I've been told the Tyan boards are just not good overclockers. Someone on the forum that owns one told me his board only allows settings for 100 and 133 FSB and thats it. Then the Morgan 1 GHz chips overclock to about 1250 MHz which is nice for a single setup, so if you got the Tyan board you wouldn't be able to reach this because of no multiplier adjustment, and no 125 MHz FSB.
    THEN I get to the XPs in a dual setup. It turns out the XPs are un tested MPs. The certified MPs have gone through special testing and are guaranteed to run in an MP setup (Extra cost because of extra testing), but the regular XPs havn't been fully tested so its basically a craps shoot on whether or not they will actually work. Your basically taking a chance on two XPs working fine together, I'm also pretty sure its the same way with the Morgan Durons. I don't know how true this is but someone that claimed to work for AMD said most Morgans will work in MP. I personally think it'd be pretty nice to get two 1.1 GHz Morgans for an MP setup. No overclocking needed for some nice cheap setup, and who knows maybe Tyan will release a bios that'll allow greater FSB adjustment.
  2. Yeah,

    I am aware that overclcoking the fsb is not something the Tigers can do. But, I figure I could get a single golden socket, find the limits of each cpu with the board one cpu at a time, then mod the other "L" bridges to match those limits.

    I understand the Athlon MP's, XP's, and the Morgans are essentially the same chip (morgans have have half the on die cache) so it only makes sense that the Morgans would be as *optimized* as the MP's. But hell, I can get a couple AYHJA Tbirds almost guarenteed to oc to 1.6 ( I think that's like XP1900 territory) for under a hundred bucks a pop. Even if they are not *optimized* - that ought to be a bitchn fast computer. For 1.6 you are looking at 12*133 - no need for FSB there. Of course there's risk in all of this - which is why I am posting questions - Has anybody else done this?

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  3. I think the odds of 2 oc'd t-birds running 1.6Ghz in SMP running reliably are low. Not 0 but low.

    When you oc, all the tolerances get cut finer and finer. The t-bird was never designed to SMP in the first place really, so the support of it is lower in general. Add ocing into the mix and you may have higher likelihood of failure....

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  4. hmmm, interesting point. R U saying that U have reason to believe that the limits of oc'ing a processor are decreased by virtue of an SMP system? What about all the celeries of a couple of years ago? Those chips weren't hindered at all in an smp system. If a chip can go 1.6, I would think it can go 1.6, smp or not. I speak with little expereince, naturally :0

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  5. The rate at which errors are generated will increase with overclock - that is why they eventually become unstable. I am pretty certain that if you take tow cpus to the extreme limit as a single cpu, they have less chance of working in SMP.

    It really is a crap-shoot. The cellery had so much overclock in it, it was less of an issue - we were talking cpus doing 70% oc and such.

    I'm just saying I think SMP reliability will drop considerably over single CPU when overclocking.

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  6. Yeah, your right, of course. To most people, it really is more of a pissing contest. My system is not the *worlds* greatest, but relative to what 99% of people I associate with, it is total overkill as it is (lots of fans, custom paint, wired like a voodo). And now I am *thinking* about more?

    Of course, I task my computer more than 99% of the people I know. Running several intensive applications at the same time <i>would</i> be something I would do regurarily, had I an smp system. Besides, I heavily use AutoCAD 2002 which is optimized for SMP.

    I really am in a quandry as to whether the tremnodous aggracation of trying to build SMP cheap would be worth it. It seems that the very few who do this kind of thing are so enamored that the benchmark reflects more speed, but real world benefit should be measured in nanoseconds, that their perspective of "worth it" are radically different than mine, i.e. sure a geforce 3 would be great, but isn't 120 fps fast enough for quake?

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  7. As far as the XP chips go, people are saying it's a crap shoot, and maybe it is, but I got lucky then. I put in dual 1700 XP chips and they work great so far. No problems at all. In the bios they show up as 1700 MP chips. The whole system went together with relative ease and I got the 2 1700 XP chips for less than I would have paid for 2 1500 MP chips. It's a good feeling.
  8. COOL!!! Now overclock them and tell me if how it goes ;-}

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  9. Sorry, can't over clock them. I built the system for my brother, so now the system is out of my hands. I no longer have it. I'm guessing it could be done, although Tyan just likes to make that stuff hard to do. Also a note about the tyan board that I didn't like, I'm not a fan of Phoenix's Bios. Otherwise that board is butta.
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