Suddenly cant read batman disk

So I bought Batman: Arkham City from Walmart and Installed it about 2 weeks ago. It installed perfectly and I even played it for 30 mins. I also bought Diablo3 at the same time so I installed this next. I have been playing Diablo3 steady for the last 2 weeks now and I decided to put Batman in again. Now for some reason my computer won't read the disk. It tries and tries but nothing. If I open my explorer and try to open my DVD drive it almost crashes my computer and it won't eject the disk.
Why would I be able to install this game just fine bt a week later the computer wonteven read the disk. The game has been sitting in my shelf since I intalled it and there is no scratch or even a spec of dust on this disk. Everything in my PC is brand new, what could be the problem? Please Help!
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  1. Hi :)

    Faulty new drive...or disc...

    All the best Brett :)
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