Is this a decent game for $7.49?

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  1. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    It looks pretty interesting, I'd say yeah. Also I would suggest (it's free to join) :) They have game sales as cheep as 1 dollar but a lot of times games range from 2.50 to 60(for really really new ones) but they have a under 5 dollar and under 10 dollar section :) If you want to game on PC I would highly recommend it ^-^

    EDIT: even better, the game IS on steam! :D you get achievements there, it's great!
  2. its an ok hack and slash game. there isnt much depth to it other than painting the scenery with ork blood. it has a very basic story that serves the purpose but if your looking for lots of depth then look elsewhere. for what it is 7/10
    and yeah its worth that price... it wasnt worth full price but 8 bux defiantly.
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