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I have an AMD Athlon XP 1800 and the Epox 8KHA+ KT266A board. Me and my friend both bought these excat systems because of the reports that 163 MHz on the FSB is average well we both can barely hit 140 Mhz I have bumped the voltage up to 1.85 and I have Mushkin High performance 512 DDR. 300 watt ps. Does anyone have any suggestions on how we can get the fsb up higher?? My CPU temp is around 45 C.
Also do you know of any good XP/AMD overclocking sites. Thanks. Please make replies public
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  1. Do you have one piece or one pair of DDRRAM? Some say one piece can let you clock to higher FSB.
    Try it out!
  2. If you have single stick 512MB then the issue will be that it cannot always clock that high - yields for 512MB are much lower and so overclocking less possible.

    Generally a few sticks of 256 or 128MB PC2400 or 2700 is going to be needed. Try setting the memory timing to 2.5 rather than 2. Also increase the vio. I'm 99% certain you have a memory issue - however what temperature is the system at? 45 is getting to the limits for ocing much further on cpu. That said, I don't think the cpu is your issue, so it probably doesn't get less stable at 1.75V right?

    Also, I think you'll need a bigger psu to seriously overclock. 300W is <b>minimum</b> to run a high performace system at stock - to seriously overclock a chip and memory like that you should look to good quality 400/450W units (Enermax preferably).

    If you and your friend are teaming on this, the best way is to pool your resources to identify the culprit.

    Oh yeah - you may have a PCI device (soundcard, modem, IDE controller etc.) that cannot handle overclocking the bus. Remove all PCI cards and try again before spending money!!!!

    So basically - try the free steps first, then pool your resources and try and individually upgrade items until you identify. If the Mushkin is only rated PC2100 CL2.5, then it ain't gonna get much over what you have. Try a 128MB stick of PC2400 or PC2700 as a test. Get one decent powersupply between you and try that.

    Basically if you work together you'll be able to identify

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  3. Sounds like it's a NIC, sound card, or video card to me. PCI doesn't do well with overclocking unless you have high quality components. NICs are usually the culprits. Try stipping the system to just the video card and see if you can OC to a higher FSB.

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  4. What ^ said. Some components don't like exotic FSB speeds. I seriously crashed my hard drive several times in the past pushing the FSB speed on an old Celeron 300 system. Adjusting the multiplier is the best bet for overclocking, the downside being that you could trash your CPU and void it's warranty. Still, no guts, no glory. ;)

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