Best for online gaming DSL or Cable??

I have cable but live kinda far from most servers. Im wondering if id be better off with DSL. Can I hear some experiences you've had with these two types of connections.I play fps maily df2 online and need to know what would be best for gaming.
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  1. cable has many repeater amplifiers enroute to its destinations DSL is limited to a certain distance from the CO (central office) and thus may offer higher ping rates than cable ( this is bad for gaming) use your zip code to determine distance from CO <A HREF="" target="_new"> here </A> I game online extensively and have cable .. no complaints about latency (ping) at all so far ( 1 year 2 months)

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  2. Depends. In some situations DSL is faster than cable, but most times Cable is clearly faster than DSL. In my case I have access to two cable providers and because cable is shared bandwidth, and everyone one else had cable modems from provider one, everything was slow. I switched to cable provider two and although they didn't peer with as many as cable provider one did, cable provider two was still over all clearly faster.

    I don't live close enough to get good high speed DSL, but comparision reports from others in my area indicate that when compared to cable provider one, in many cases the DSL was faster because it was they didn't have to share the bandwidth.

    What I also suggest is that if possible you tell them, look I will let you install it, but if I am not satisfied I want out if the speed isn't good. Some companies are okay with it and others are not. Most of the DSL situations want you to sign a contract which is a real gamble if you have the option of both DSL and cable.

    Best of luck making a choice, because from what I have seen a lot of it comes down to luck and location.
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