Can't Remember 90's DOS RPG Fantasy Dungeon Game

Hey, I've been searching and trying to remember this game on and off for years. It's a RPG that I played around 1995 where you are a single adventurer (No other party members) and you start of on the side of a mountain and your only option is to enter the dungeon. The entire game is in the dungeon and I remember it being a maze with drops,traps, and monsters that I needed to map out on graph paper so I could find the way to the deeper levels. If you died, you'd have to restart all the way at the side of the mountain. The interface was 1st person and showed a picture on the left side for the dungeon & monsters, and then text on the right side. I know these are pretty vague details and I might even be misremembering some of them, but any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers.
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  1. Maybe Ultima Underworld?

    Interestingly enough, there is a new indi RPG that is almost exactly like that. "The legend of Grimrock".
  2. early dungeons and dragons, gauntlet or ... fek... i forgot the name of the last one...
  3. moria?
  4. Might and Magic?
  5. Maniac mansion? Lol jk
  6. Stonekeep or perhaps Dungeon Hack?

    Look through these
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