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Hello, I'm buying a new computer and I'm having troubles on finding a good fast, stable and cheap computer. Well, I've got this one but I'm not sure if its any good. I'm aiming for something that will run games, photoshop, animation softwares in a stable settings. I am at low budget and just want a minimum requirements but still would perform perfectly. So, anyone can help? :)

Here is the desktop on my mind at the moment.

HP PAVILION HPE H8-1241 Desktop PC

Superchaged high-performance multimedia PC with Intel 2nd Gen quad core power, massive memory, storage, Blu-ray, HD graphics, 2-year limited warranty

Operating system - Windows® 7 Home Premium 64

Processor - Intel® Core™ i7-2600 (3.4 GHz 8 MB cache )

Memory - 12 GB DDR3

Hard drive - 2 TB SATA (5400 rpm)

Graphics card - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti (1 GB DDR5 dedicated)

Optical drive - Blu-ray player; SuperMulti DVD Burner
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  1. Well eveything looks good except the GPU I would know because I have two of them and they are what I call the worst gaming graphic cards that nVidia ever put out. But to go any higher in the cards.

    Would cause to upgrade or power supply (PSU). So what is the price that they are asking for that rig? Everything is good on it except what I said and I don't even know what PSU is.

    Ok I found your rig. for $999.99 and for that kind of money you could build your own or have one built for you. I put $1600.00 into this one and I should have put another $200.00 and got the 560 ti's.

    The 550 ti will play most games on low settings. But if you want to play BF3 you will have issues but it just depends on what kind of game you play. I don't play those game because I am into RPS and RPG.

    The card would work for all your other stuff. First I will link you to your own rig then the other 3 links are to two sites where you can play with there configurators and put a rig together.

    It is all free and you don't have to buy. It is just a good learning tool. the third link is to tigerdirect on there barbone kits and the fourth link to there gaming rigs. I use my gaming rig for just about everything. Good luck.





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