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New Egg Game Key Codes fake?

Alright so i bought a rig for my pc and i bought an msi gtx550ti that came with a free nba 2k11 game. I got the game built my system and so on. Then i play the game it Works! but i want it on steam so i clicked the add game button and it tells me to put in a game key cod, so i put in the game key code but it doesnt work any help guys?
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    If it were a time limited option then that should be clearly marked on the packaging in which case I would be contacting MSI to find out why the game they sold me as part of the deal does not want to register itself at Steam, if that is what it is meant to be able to do.
  2. if it doesnt use the steam installer you can add it to the steam library, you can only add it as a none steam game.
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