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i have an ssd drive that i want to instal a couple games on i have not been able to figure out how to install only certain games from my steam libary i have quite a few of them and it would take way more capacity then my 120 gb ssd has so my question is dose any one know how to split install games for steam?
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  1. wolfram after watching your movie you had a pretty straight forward way .. of doing it but it didnt appear to me that you actually transfered the files only making a link to a folder on a sperate drive the fact that it did lauch is cool but kinda defeats the purpose or am i missing something lol i wanna select a best answer here .. and gothams would that program work on skyrim?
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    Yes it works for all games using steam except for some Valve games since the resources for Valve games are often stored as files within a single folder.

    Both Wolframs and the program I linked use the same technique called NTFS Junctions/symbolic links. However the program I linked does it all for you.
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  4. cheers!
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