Battlefield 3 stutter randomly started

First of all I'd like to say, i've posted a post with a similar question but I need more answers, and I want to see if I can get any progress on this forum.

ANYWAYS, I've been playing battelfield 3 on my computer for a good 3-4 months no problem, on high presets with around 35-40 fps on average. Lately, probably this past month (I think it might be the latest patch) I've been getting serious stuttering, to the point where the game is unplayable.

I've tried almost everything, reverting my cpu/gpu back to stock clocks, re installing latest drivers, trying beta drivers, using gamebooster, turning off origin in game, disabling some sound driver thing, and still nothing.

Let me be clear, THIS ISN'T A LACK OF HARDWARE ISSUE, so don't give me answers like, "Turn down your graphics settings/Resolution" or "get more RAM" or "OC your GPU/CPU". As I stated before I used to get 35-40 fps average on High, but not the stuttering is just too much. Also I have a stable, wired internet connection so it isn't lag.

If anyone has any leads, or help, it would be appreciated. I've been told its PunkBuster's latest update, but not everyone is getting this problem.

Here is a test video I posted on Youtube just to show my stutter:

AMD Phenom II X4 965 @ 4Ghz.
Wintec DDR3 1600 2GBx2 RAM
WD 5400 RPM 250gb HDD
Asus M5A97 970 AM3+ Motherboard
MSI R6850 Cyclone Edition OC at 935 Core and 1175 Mem
OCZ ModXTreme 600w Modular PSU
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  1. your gfx cardf can manage medium on single player and give 40-60fps. on multiplayer things are quite different.
    go into your ccc panel and make sure theres no active game profiles for bf3. if there is remove it. next reset the ccc panel 3d performance back to default. (you probably already are but do it anyway). next get the battlfield 3 configurer and use it to turn off dx11 and motion blur you should also turn off any other high end settings or at least turn them down to low... things like shadows, hbao or ssao and so on. this should help bring your fps back up... if not then i would suggest your problem lies with your o.s or the browser your using...
  2. I shouldn't have to turn down any settings to get an fps boost. This isn't a lack of fps problem. If I put it on low settings, and as I stated before I could keep it on high presets and stay about 30fps, It will stay at around 55-60 fps but constantly dip in the mid 20's. I use google chrome and Windows 7 professional 64 bit. I'll try the other stuff though
  3. you will also want to remove the oc from the gfx card. run gpu-z and check the vrm temps not just the gpu temps. your may find the vrms are over heating causing the card to throttle.
  4. I didn't check the vrm temps but I did return it to stock clocks and no change.
  5. well if you damaged the vrms there would be no change. thus my request to check the temps...
    thing is your system is plenty good enough to run the game... so it makes me think its system related rather than the actual game... download process monitor and run it in the backround while you play the game. make sure it creates a log and play till the stutter starts... what it will do is create a list every second its running and will show every running process. hopefully what ever is slowing the game down will show up in that list.
  6. I actually don't think its my system. After doing a little research I've learned that I'm not alone. Since the latest patch a ton of people are getting stuttering problems. Also I play a very HEAVILY modded graphics skyrim (FXAA, ENB, HD texture mods, etc..) which I think is more demanding than battlefield 3 at times, I play almost perfectly, with only a few fps dips here and there at graphic heavy points, i.e Looking out on High Hrothgar or the top of Dragonsreach.

    So I guess I just have to wait it out. I am upgrading to 8gb of ram and crossfiring my 6850, so if it isn't patched by then, maybe my beefier system will cure the problemm
  7. I'll still check my vrm temps though, what kind of temps should I be expecting?
  8. for the vrms under 100'c, preferably within 10-15'c of your gpu's max temp at load.
    use furmark to test it properly with gpu-z running in the background.

    to be honest i have a similar powered system and i dont have your issues. i also play bf3 and im fully patched... i do use the above app to set the gfx to what i told you to use and get a solid 60 on all but gulf of oman where i get 55 minimum. most of the issues i see are guys who have nvidia based systems and more often than not they are running gtx 560ti's
    you could be rite in that the game doesnt like your config but i do find it odd that i have a similar card with out your issues.
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