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So just looking to get some opinions here. I know the steam summer sale should be starting relatively soon. However Amazon has Borderlands GOTY for 7.50 right now. Im just looking for some opinions on whether or not you guys think that steam will have it cheaper or if it will be the same price. All responses are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. anyone have any thoughts on the matter. Also Bioshock dual pack for 7.50, worth it? played the first one on xbox and loved it
  2. Both Borderlands and Bioshock use SecuRom on PC. If that's not a problem for you, go for it. If it is a problem, which it was for me, go console instead.
    I doubt Steam will have either of them for much cheaper, if at all.
  3. If it were to go any cheaper I'd say $5 at the least. If you have the time and are going to play it I think the $2.50 difference won't matter. The game gets repetitive after awhile but is still fun and will suck up a lot of your time. Kind of like that kingdoms of amalur. Definitely a satisfying game though.

    Here's some tweaks I used when playing the game.

    I tweaked the intro movies so I didn't have to watch them every time I started game and disabled the mouse smoothing.

    Good luck.
  4. Yeah I kinda had a feeling that the cheapest they will go would be $5 so Ill probably end up grabbing them. Thanks
  5. If the Amazon version is retail you can activate the retail version of Borderlands with Steam, same goes for Bioshock 1 and 2.
    Full list of steam activatable codes here.

    tbh I'd wait for the Steam sale, borderlands has a 4 pack option which means when it hits the discount the copies should be around the £/$3 mark each.
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