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Hi All!

I'm in a need of PC driving simulator/game for a teen to start learning to drive. Specifically what I need:
1. Realistic view (i.e. including rearview mirror, front stands (donno the proper name for these metal rods in the corners between frontshield and windshields), may be left/right mirrors.
2. City driving on a regular streets and highways - preferably with some traffic.
3. If car hits anything (curb, tree, other car, whatever) - even lightly - it either crashes or somehow gives driver a HUGE notice.
4. Support for steering wheel/pedals (I have Logitech GT).
5. Works on PC - Win 7 x64.

I don't care about hardware requirements - my comp can handle anything. Don't care about proper signaling, stop signs (or any signs for that matter), and other "good habits". All I need is to teach my teen to stay IN the lane, turn properly, and keep distance from other cars - that's all, really.

Originally I found Simuride on amazon, but it seems that all good reviews are left by company employees, and real customers put negative reviews.
I also got free Dirt Showdown game with recent videocard purchase, but after I tried it I found that it is completely NOT what I'm looking for.

It doesn't need to be a sim - game that does most of what I need will fit too.

Any recommendations?

P.S. It is very helpful if sim/game is downloadable or easily obtainable at local stores like Microcenter/Walmart/Target/Bestbuy/Staples.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Test Drive Unlimited 2. It has roads, indicators, traffic and super cool cars. The physics aren't great, but it's more of an arcade racer than a full blown sim.

    If you're looking for a sim, try Project Cars. It's a racing sim, and in development, but it's very, very good. You can get access to the early builds of the game for as little as 10 Euros, although, to get the cool road tracks, you'll need to spend 25 euros and become a Team Member.


  2. OK, sort of to answer my own question. I found these guys:
    Works good enough, although there are quite a few problems, the main being way too sensitive wheel with no adjustment possible.
  3. One nice driving simulator is Racer.It has advanced physics and very nice graphics.
    You can download the game from
    I also make a 3D map for it , please visit
    And you can see the game graphics and physics in a VIDEO:
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