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Hey everyone,

Just bought a new gaming mouse (too cheap to pass up) It's a 2000DPI 6 Buttons LED Optical USB Gaming Mouse for PC Mac Razer Mamba Gamer. What can you pros tell me about this mouse? Quality, value, comfort of use, features, etc?? Thanks so much,
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  1. Just Google the exact model and add "reviews" or "experiences" in the query.

    No need for a thread like this.
  2. I couldn't seem to find any reviews/feedback online, thought maybe someone had some personal experience with one that would be valuable, sorry.
  3. There are hundreds of reviews online.

    If you want my personal opinion I think its overpriced and sub par: squeaking mouse wheel and dodgy "Razer 4G sensor" AKA Philips twin eye sensor make this an average mouse.
  4. 13.99 is overpriced? I thought that would be kinda tough to do lol. Thanks for the honest feedback.
  5. The retail price is overpriced- £115 RRP.

    13.99 is a bargain if its in good nick.
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