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I am moving,and would like some idea's for setting up my gaming setup.

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July 4, 2012 1:43:56 AM

Ok i am moving in with a friend,and i have been having trouble deciding how i am going to arrange the room,and setup my gaming setup.

The room is a 11ftx10ft, it has 2 windows, a closet with sliding mirror doors and the bedroom door is on one corner,here is a poorly made pic i made in windows paint,doing my best to draw the room lol.

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I have 2 desks both are 60inx30in,one is partical board topped desk,with a dropped down keyboard tray(which i don't really like that,but the desk was free lol),the other is metal and the top is totally flat.

My pc is in a CM haf 932 case,and i am using 1x 22" screen,1x23" screen,and a 17" screen,all of the wide screen LCD screen,but i am planing on getting a 23" 3D 120hz screen later down the road, i also need a place to set up 2 normal sized printers,but i also in my setup would like a place where i can setup a old 17"CRT screen,and have a place near to quickly hookup and unhookup pc's when i am fixing up/playing with my old pc's,also for when i am fixing familys pc's.

But i also have to fit other stuff in the room,like a TV(a 23" CRT),a queen sized bed and/or a full sized hid-a-bed couch,a file cabinet,and i am also thinking of getting a locking mini fridge to put in the room also.

I have been sitting thinking about it for a while,and i just don't know how i want to set it all up.

I would love any and all input you guys have.

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July 4, 2012 2:43:34 AM

Or something similar- Pods are just an example, there are other brands, and also local self storage facilities.

First thing for you to do is to calculate what sq footage you have in that room vs the sq footage of everything you want to squeeze into it (remember to add 3' to the width of your main desk to account for your chair and in/out motion, and remember you need to be able to open the closet if the door swings out). I can tell you you are going to come up wayyyy short. I grew up in a room that was 12 x 12, and a full sized bed (smaller) absorbed most of that space.

So. My suggestion is going to be the CRT monitor, 2nd desk and couch just go in storage. Not what you want to hear but the math doesn't lie.

Why do you have a filing cabinet? Do you NEED one? Can you just scan all your documents and go paperless?

Why do you have TWO printers? Do you NEED them? And what is "normal" sized? The bread-box sized or laser-jet big Xmas box sized? Can you make do with one? Leave the other on the curb or shove it into storage? How big is that closet?

Your mini fridge can double as a bedside table or what-not.

A good set of shelves to employ vertical use of space as opposed to just ground space will help address the loss of the 2nd desk.

Anyway, you can just graph this out on the diagram using sq footage measurements. :) 

July 4, 2012 3:50:55 AM

Ok i won't need a self storage room,cause my friend is living a house, and it has a storage shed out back(and it is safe to store in lol) the room is 110 sq ft,i added up the square footage of both desks,the bed,the couch,and an extra 3ftx3ft, for the chair and moving around, and all that added up and it is 74.3 square feet.

The main reason i wanted the CRT monitor was i need a quick and easy way to hook up a pc when i am fixing it, i will change it out with the 17" LCD when i get the 3d screen.also the reason i wanted 2 desks is cause i have my tower on top of my my desk,and with the the monitors i have now i already have to use 2 just to get the monitors to fit,i could leave the couch with my grandpa,who was giving me the couch,he has room to store it,and i could get it later after i move out later on down the road.

With the filing cabinet, was going to keep stuff important stuff till i get a lock box,plus i am not sure if i want to scan it all, but a good thing is it is a small filing cabinet(21.5in high,28 in long,and 15 in wide).

The the printers are both bread-box sized,i have 2 cause they were both givin to me after they ran out of ink,and the people that had them didn't need them anymore,one is an HP that has cheap ink,and is great for just normal printing,but sucks at printing pictures,the other is a canon that is great for printing pictures,but the ink costs more.

Umm i think the closet is 2 mabye 2.5ft deep and it has 2 sliding doors,which are normal door size(i THINK).

Good idea about the mini fridge.

I am planing on getting some shelves for storage.

I will try and graph it out,but i have never been good at it lol.

Also i could try putting in the bed,and seeing from there how much room is taken up.