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I need another Pentium III 700 because I find it very good outperfoming a Celeron 800 after I OC 700@933 but I can't afford another PIII 700 because the price is doubled Celeron 800. I live in Malaysia and can anyone get a PIII 700 for US 65 or lower included shipping?I cant really afford a PIII 700 above that price.. is selling US 100 and it's rather high for me.
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  1. i got a question here.. is there are 4 different celerons right?the older core(Cant remember the name), the 66 mhz FSB one, the 100 mhz fsb coppermien core and tualatin core.
    is the difference of all the celeron from any PIIIs at that time..just a half L2 cache of PIII or no L2 cache at all on a celeron?
  2. Socket 370 processor:
    ppga celeron 66mhz fsb, speed 266-533mhz
    fc-pga PIII, 100-133mhz fsb, speed 500-1133mhz
    fcpga celeron 66-100mhz fsb, all bellow 800mhz is 66mhz fsb, 800-1000mhz is 100mhz fsb.
    Taulatin core:
    PIII 1.13 & 1.2ghz, 133mhz fsb
    Celeron 1.1 & 1.2 ghz
  3. alright i do seem to understand now..
    one question here what is the L2 cache for all the celerons?
    i know fcpga 800 to 1000 has 128 k cache..
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