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Fraps recording lag help

sometimes when im recording with fraps it lags alot so i need to lower the quality of the game itself, does this lag mean i need a better graphics card or do i need more ram??
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  1. could be graphics card or memory or cpu

    how about listing your specs--it may help
  2. Most likely graphics card but impossible to tell without your full system specs.
  3. depends on how you have fraps set up... if you limit the fps you will often get more lag but if you dont you will get a huge variation in fps if you have a low end cpu.
    dont bother recording at full rez always use half. or better still dont use fraps use bandicam or quobi. bandicam enables a more even spread across the cpu cores so it doesnt affect the fps as much. quobi im about to try for the first time myself.

    hmmm forget quobi it has a 30 second max record and watermarks.
  4. Cpu: AMD-8150
    memory: 8GB g.skill
    MB: Crosshair V formula
    GC: diamond HD Radeon 6670 2GB

    i can play on ultra high on most games i have like skyrim and blacklight just not when im recording with fraps
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    The graphics card is by far the weakest part of the system and causing the lag, especially as I think the 2Gb 6670 is DDR3.
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  7. Try running something like MSI Afterburner's recorder. Uses a lot more CPU than GPU power because it compresses it on the fly. With your CPU, you should have no problem.
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