Asus V8200DL GF3 Heat/Ram sinks

My Asus V8200DL GF3 has a huge array of heat sinks that cover the ram and GPU. I have recently taken this off and found the following:

-The array is held only by plastic clips that don't hold down the array that strongly.
-The sinks sitting on the ram chips had no conductive medium between the aluminium and the chip surfaces.
-There was a thick smearing of paste between the GPU and the heatsink above it, but the contact wasn't that positive (it seemed that a lot of paste had been used as a gap filler)
-The underside of the sinks were not very smooth at all, with a corrougated appearance and feel.

Are these sinks that sit on the ram just for show, or do they achive something by resting on the chips? Do you guys think that I can achieve a marked improvement in overclockability (hey, new word :) ) if smooth the bottom of the sinks and stick the ram sinks to the ram with thermal adhesive?

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  1. definately. better cooling means better overclockability

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