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GTA IV IndpendenceFM Radio?

I recently saw an in game tip that said you could import your own music into the game (GTA IV) and play it through the radio station called IndependenceFM.. So I looked up how to do that and found this -- -- the problem is, there is no folder called user music in my GTA IV Folder.. I think this is because I have the Steam Version of GTA.. Any ideas on how to solve this?
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    If the user music folder does not exist, simply create it, and put the tracks you want in. The game should then pick them up.

    If you have the Steam version you may find the User Music folder in the GTA IV folder itself, and not in My Documents/Rock Star Games/GTAIV.
  2. I had it the other way around.. I was looking in my actual GTA IV folder and not in my Douments, but I got it now. Thanks for the help!
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