What things taste like?

I was just having a break during a quiet afternoon and I suddenly think this is a good discussion topic. After all, we all eat, right? So I start this "What things taste like?" thread.

Feel free to ask questions here.

If you are allergic to nuts and wants to know what they taste like. Post it here!

If you are a vegetarian and wants to know what chicken taste like, also post here, etc...

To start the discussion, I would like to ask if anyone had horse before and what they taste like and how was it cooked?
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  1. What taste like horse? i would say it's a mix of beef and ostrich.
    Cooked on a grill as a classic beef steak with salt, some pepper and a knob of butter after cooking.
    Or roasted with garlic slivers, salt, pepper, some butter and a little oil (trickle with a small glass of water halfway through.)
    Rare meat. Really good.
    Bon appétit.
  2. Imagining how it taste like. Pretty delicious I say.
  3. Heeee

    You humans fascinate me.
  4. You know, you don't have to ask food. You can also ask something you haven't taste yet, anything, like gunpowder or hair gel, even a motherboard (who tried to lick one b4?).

    I am sure we have enough interesting people on this forum to give you an answer.
  5. Personally I've always wondered what the cooked flesh of humans tastes like.

    But I fear I may grow an addiction.

    How unfortunate for humans.
  6. I hope Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno are members of the forum. They can answer your question.


    Probably like pork. We are very similar to pigs.
  7. Maybe like gorillas that humans hunt for food.
  8. But I haven't had gorilla b4, so I can't say.

    I was told I ate some monkey when I was a kid (I can't even remember).

    But I don't think I can eat animals more intelligent than pigs now.
  9. amdfangirl said:
    Personally I've always wondered what the cooked flesh of humans tastes like.

    Hufu - Human flavored tofu
  10. Pyree said:

    Probably like pork. We are very similar to pigs.

    Actually, it depends on the age of the human.

    A baby will taste like a seagull. tastful on mini-skewers with an aperitif.
  11. I am not going to eat seagull now. Eating babies *suffocate*.
  12. Pyree, you're welcome home. My neighbor is pregnant.

    Does anyone can tell me what does "natto" taste like? japanese food is a mystery to me...
  13. If you can offer your neighbour's baby for food, then I am pretty sure you didn't impregnate her. No affairs between neighbours like the stereotype passionate people portrayal in movie? That is disappointing. :D

    I had natto once in Japan. It is like the burning flavour in your mouth and nose of wasabi but stale. Go and have a try if you are really curious. But don't complain and hate me if you vomit or choke. I warned you, its not a food with present taste.
  14. So chicken Caesar salad in fact taste like chicken mixed with chicken?
  15. That may be true. Wheat have no taste but high fibre = absorb all the juice that the other ingredient you put in to cook with it.
  16. This thread was created in order to keep gropouce busy while we steal his turbo renault ...
  17. So this is not his car?

  18. A formula 1 van?!
  19. :lol:

    more like that... :D

  20. Somehow I thought you might have a 2CV ... I love those things.

    Reminds me of the car chase in The Count of Cagliostro ... not quite the same car tho !!!
  21. I'd love to have a 2CV ! timeless car
    Citroën ftw
  22. And we are almost back to food. Lemon!!!
  23. I wonder what Pyree tastes like.
  24. You are what you eat. I had honey soy pork, rice, stir fry choy sum , rock melon and chocolate tart for dinner tonight. So I say I taste like a combination of the food above. :lol:
  25. I had a hotdog for lunch with American mustard and Rosella Tomato sauce.

    I had a smoked ham, cucumber, cheese, tomato, pepper, mayo and brown bread sandwich to dinner and a coke.

    I also ate some Samboy BBQ chips and just had a Jamieson and coke.

    I might have some yoghurt which i clear some alerts and look for spam.

    I lead a boring life ... just massaged the wifey's feet.

    Dear god the diodes down my right side are aching again ... floop !!
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