Multiple Displays Issues with Windows 8

I have HP TM2T touchscreen laptop/tablet. With WINDOWS 7 I was able to use 4 monitors (laptop + 3 desktop monitors) with a SIIG VGA adaptor and a USB hub. Since upgrading to Windows 8 I have only been able to connect 1 external display. There's a SIIG VGA PRO (i have the SIIG VGA) driver for Windows 8, but it didn't help any. Any suggestions?
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  1. I have to say sorry to you!, I can imagine your very confused and a bit upset at this and fuming.
    Your about the 9th person to come here with a problem with your hardware not running right after installing windows 8 Manwithout.
    Its early days and things were bound to crop up like this, it has been the same for most New early adopters of a new MS OS.
    Its always the case that Microsoft cannot code drivers for all of the Mix and match hardware that are used in every single PC on the planet.
    There will always be a percent of hardware like it or not that Microsoft has failed to support with a working driver.
    Or they would never get the OS system out on release day as they intend.
    Its then left for the third party Hardware manufactures to create a driver to support there hardware in windows 8.
    There is always a time delay between a release of a new OS and its third party hardware/driver support by hardware vendors.
    Not to be too rude but that is the one reason people hang back from buying an installing a new OS.
    No amount of in house software testing, or beta releases will catch the problems, most of them crop up after RTM release
    because of a larger user base.

    Time is the answer.
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