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Recently I've purchased a copy of Deadspace 2 for the PC and Installed it. After installation I tried running the game then a Activation Wizard popped up and asked for the CD key, I entered my CD key and waited for a while, then a pop up came out It said: Connection failed. Please check your internet connection. As you can see, I've got full access to my Wi-Fi yet this still happens. Does anyone know any solution to this or an site that would provide information to this "bug"
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  1. How many times have you tried this? What is your system specs with OS and PSU brand and wattage?
  2. Thankfully (and as of now), you're not getting an "invalid cd-key" error. But I'd recommend you turn off your internet, wait about 10 mins and restart it before attempting to activate the game again.

    The problem seems to be in sending/ receiving the packet over the net. As of now, my best bet is its your internet which is acting up (even though you might be able to surf the net and all). Another thing you can try is (i.e., after restarting your internet) to disable any anti-virus/ firewalls that might be running. Sometimes those can cause an interference.
  3. Good day.
    I had the same error when I had to activate my copy of Dead Space 2. I have windows xp by the way. And I have tried to restart my internet and I have turned off all of my firewalls and antiviruses and still it isn't working. What should I do??
  4. did you buy the game on steam?
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