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i've got a gigabyte ga-7zm mobo/750 duron./pc133 memmory.
the board allows adjustment of the fsb by dip switches,
ie: 100/105/110/113/115/117/133mhz.(but no multiplier switches ).
obviously im new to overclocking and before i go messing around i thought it best to seek some advice.
is it possible to just up the fsb ie 117 * 7.5 = 887.5mhz ?.
would it be to big a step to say 133 * 7.5 = 997.5.
also i only have the standard heatsink/fan that came with cpu. thx in advance.
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  1. Well, you need to unlock the processor to be able to change the multiplier. Its not too difficult, you will find a lot of guides on the net that will show how to unlock the multiplier step by step.

    As for the FSB, you can try increasing the FSB at the same multiplier one step at a time. Try 105 MHz (that will give you 787 MHz and if the system runs well for say 2~3 hours with decent load and the temperature is under control (less than 50°C) then go with a higher multiplier.

    133 at one shot might be too big a step. You might also need to increase the core voltage a tad if you observe any instabilities. And increment of 0.025V might help. Actually, most Durons will work well at 133 MHz FSB, my 600@800 and its having no problems for last 6 months or so!

    Once you get the max FSB then you can now attempt to increase the multiplier. Remember you can increase the multiplier only by a half each time, and the core speed is increased by half of the FSB that is, 50~66 MHz each time. While it might be too big, underspeeding the FSB is not recommended in favour of multiplier, since higher FSB means higher memory bandwidth which actually helps more towards performance than bare core MHz!

    All said and done, the stock HSF is fine for most of the time, you might be able to push a little higher with a better one. Then, make sure you have PC133 memory, CAS2 preferable. Then you also need to adjust the PCI divider to 4 which will again make the PCI bus run at 33 MHz. Most PCI devices will work at 40+ MHz, but the IDE controller usually doesnt.

    Try the above steps, and keep posted.


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  2. thanks for the help,as the mobo doesnt allow me to make multiplier changes ill give unlocking the cpu a miss.
    so im going to increase the fsb in small steps as you sugested,but i might hit promblems with the core voltage and the pci divider as i cant find any reference in the manual that allows this.
    ill let u know how i get on thx again . en1gma.
  3. You should look up the bridge settings in THG or another site so that you can increase your core voltage that way if there is no option in BIOS. Then set your bus to 133 if it's properly supported (some chipsets didn't like it). and it's 1000, not 997.5, your doing your math wrong (133 is actually 133.3333...)

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. ok,
    visited gigabytes website and downloaded a programe called easy tune.this piece of software allows you to alter fsb.
    im running me duron 750 at 825 a smallish step but im going to see how it goes for now. ran a cpu burn in program
    (sandra sisoft)and also a good session of quake 3.
    cpu temp ran between 41- 45 .
  5. Your doing good! Eventually you may get to the point that your PCI devices won't be stable. At 133FSB, you'll get a new PCI divider that will solve this.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  6. cool! keep it up. you can check your new settings for a day or two and then again set them up. probably you can go with full 133 MHz!

    keep posted.

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  7. Your GA-7ZM is a KT133 (not KT133A) chipsets mobo.
    My experience with this mobo is, the highest fsb it can reach is 117mhz, so no hope for 133mhz.
    Do you ready to buy new motherboard? :)
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