Nfs most wanted for 64 bit windows 7

I have a windows ultimate with a 64 bit laptop ... I am unable to get NFS MW , how do i go about , please do let me know ?

Thank you
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  1. Ok can't you just go online and buy it from an online retailer or go to your friendly electronic store? This is how I am taking your question by answering you with a question.

    Sorry if I misread your statement or don't understand what your point is? Here are a few links. I hope this helps and good luck to you.
  2. the game installs and works perfectly on win 7 64 ultimate. i cant remember if i used compatibility mode but it did work flawlessly... i know some screens require a wide screen patch but its simple to use, other than that no issues. it even picked up the 360 controller and the logitech controller without me having to remap them.
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