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Using XP Pro SP2, and an HP Laserjet 5Si-MX.
Using direct IP printing to connect to the printer.
I have tried both the XP & HP drivers. I've tried drivers
for similar HP printers.
I've tried cleaning out the old drivers & other tips from
Bruce Sanderson's webpage, as well as the tips on Cori
Bright's page.
I've tried installing the loopback address update in KB
article 884020.
Even though I'm connecting directly to the printer & not
using a print server, I've made an exception in Windows
firewall to allow print & file sharing.
I've even tried the 'Troubleshooter'.
Nothing seems to work.
If I try to print a web page, eventually the printer will
spit out a sheet of paper with a small amount of the
page's contents, along with the error message in the
notification area.
If I try to print from notepad, eventually I get a blank
sheet of paper along with the error message.
I tried to print using Word 2003, and was successful, but
printing was sluggish & printing was done in landscape
mode whether it was selected or not.
Attempts to print from File Maker Pro 6 results in the
error message and eventually a blank sheet of paper.
It takes about 3-4 minutes to cancel a job from the queue.
Sometimes it won't cancel at all, and the printer spits
out blank sheets of paper about every 5 minutes, along
with the error message. Even after a reboot, items
occasionally remain in the queue, and a blank sheet & the
error message persist.
Deleting the printer takes even longer - up to 5-8
minutes, with the same effects as deleting the items in
the queue.
I have an XP Pro SP1 machine that is printing fine to the
same printer.
Any help would be appreciated - if I can't work this out
by monday 9-27, I will have to do a clean install to SP1.
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.print_fax (More info?)

    What I failed to mention in my original post, is that this
    is a new system I am putting together. The install is only
    about a week old so there is not a lot of junk on the
    I did have the printer installed & it was working
    perfectly for about 3-4 days, but it simply disappeared.
    Subsequent installations of the same printer have been
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