Can't activate Battlefield 3

I purchased battlefield 3 digitally from amazon instead of origin because origin wasn't letting me use my credit card. I received the product key and entered it on origin and downloaded battlefield 3. Now when I try to launch battlefield 3 it gives me the message-
"We could not activate Battlefield 3 on this computer using the Origin Account you provided. Please locate your product key to activate the game using your Origin Account."
It also says "You are currently logged in as: _____" It just has a blank where my login info should be.
When I try to sign into my origin account to activate my product key (which I already activated in order to install battlefield 3 herp derp) it says "Please check your internet connection. If the problem persists, wait and try again later because the servers may be temporarily unavailable."
I am obviously connected to the internet. I am not using a proxy or virtual adapter.
This game has been out for months now, I would expect the bugs to have been found. I have been searching for answers for two days.
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  1. Hi :)

    Email Origin....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. yeh there is a ea live chat guys from ea team help a straight away. 100% better than steam.
  3. I livechatted and emailed, nothing helped. I have a feeling it might have to do with the fact that I originally played a pirated version and part of the pirated install still remains and is blocking communication to EA or Origin. (I always play a pirated version of a game for about 15 minutes then either buy it or never play again to avoid wasting money on games I don't like.)
  4. uninstall the game and origin. and run ccleaners reg cleaner. reboot and go to the origin site and download the origin installer. run it and use the key you have. if it fails to work then its likely you have been ripped off by the seller.
    if the seller is outside the eu or u.s you may need to use a vpn host for the contry that you got the key from. you then log in to origin and activate the game. 1s done you can log out of the vpn and origin. log in again and the game should work...
    if it doesnt then you have been ripped off and you need to get in touch with the seller or the intermediary that held the money while you bought the product.
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