Will your name in battlefield be your origin ID?

Will your name in battlefield be your origin ID? and also can you change your name in bf3?
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    your origin id is just that. you create your soldiers name when you install and log in for the first time. you can either make a new name or choose an existing 1 if you havent used it for another game, but 1s done thats it. you will either have to create a new soldier if you want to change your name or go to e.a support and they will change it... it depends who you get through to as to whether you will keep your stats. some of them will create a new profile others will just change your name for you...
  2. ok thanks. If they create a new profile will you still have the other one?
  3. i think so. but you wont have your unlocks on the new profile just the old.
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