BF3 Armored Kill and Endgame expansions

Close Quarters is already out, but is there any word from EA on the release dates of the next two DLC expansions for battlefield 3?

Not many details have been released about endgame..
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    Out now!
    •4 new maps
    •10 new weapons
    •4 new vehicles
    •New persistence

    Close Quarters

    •4 new maps
    •HD Destruction
    •New game modes
    •10 new weapons

    Armored Kill

    Sep 2012
    •4 new maps
    •Biggest map ever
    •New game mode
    •5 new vehicles


    Dec 2012
    •4 new maps
    •New weapons
    •New vehicles
    •and more!

    End Game

    Mar 2013
    •4 new maps
    •New weapons
    •New vehicles
    •and more
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